Woke up this morning feeling like I had a hangover, how does this happen? I had the smallest bottle of 4% beer last night and then got to bed about 11. Ok I ended up reading until 12ish and was woken up at 6 but I managed to go back off for an hour or two and then woke up feeling hungover….amazing…not!!

Thought I was going have a quiet and boring day until my brother rang at around 10am, this call lasted about an hour. Lots of questions like “What you having for dinner?”, “Are you going anywhere today?”, You guys up to much at all?” and at one point he even mentioned getting off the motorway and that my niece had had a good nap now. There was a point in the conversation that he had to go quickly as a number was calling him – I said to my teen “I reckon your uncle is on his way”. Literally 10 minutes later and who should pull up on my drive….UNCLE BEN…..YAY!!!

Sooooo good to see him and my niece, she’s 1 and walking and it’s just adorable. Oh and once she comes out of her shell, she’s a gobby little monkey.

It’s strange how little we’ve seen of people over the last 3 months with Craig being bed bound with his herniated disk, a million kids to tend to 24/7 I have realised how little time we have in a day, so yes…today was needed and we loved it.

Picnic lunch… bro made pasta to go with salad, fresh rolls and cold meat. Fruit and cupcakes too, we basically had an indoor one but still…it was a picnic and a tasty one. Babies played nicely, kinda, Theo was only slightly beaten up by his not much bigger cousin. And we had some family garden time.

Who doesn’t love an impromptu visit?

It’ll be chaotic over the next couple of days, I’m going to pick up my mum, sister and nephews to come and stay until Thursday….wish me luck!!!!

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