Still no day of rest

As desperate as I am for a day of rest I think I may be out of luck for at least 10 years and so I need to accept this. Reason for this….a million children (6 of them) and a broken husband.

I’m an 8hr a night sleeper too and currently in a rediculous routine of 5hrs broken.

I’ve just paused and thought how negative I’ve felt today, we all have those days don’t we? Like you can’t snap out of it negative mood day. Really though, is it that bad? It could always be worse, must remember this.

I’ve actually achieved a good amount today whilst juggling the littles. Made a nice poached egg on muffin breaky, cooked a delicious roast dinner and mowed the lawns. Washing, drying, making beds. Watched the F1, good race if you haven’t seen it…do. Annnd I’ve made a promise to myself to get out and learn to use my camera more so I went for a half hour stroll to take some moody evening piccies. I’m no pro and I don’t plan to be but I love how I can capture something with my toy I had for my birthday.

Kiddies have pitched in with chores (so helpful) and mostly been creative with colouring books – try these cost pennies and are well and truly worth it. So that’s our Sunday, now for beer and weekly meal plan….rock n roll people. What’s your Sunday been like?

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