The Big Welsh Bite food Festival

I feel sooooo full!!

I was in heaven today at The Big Welsh Bite in Pontypridd. There was surprisingly more on offer than I thought there would be and kept myself and the children busier for longer than expected. It’s no disrespect to the event organizers at all, I had just made the assumption that it was a small event. Pleasantly surprised really…where there’s food to taste I’m there!

It wasn’t all food either, we saw some crazy things along the way – Anyone ever seen ducks sheep dog herded over mini bridges? I was childishly excited by this, that’s some skill teaching animals to do that. Llama show, hmmmm, I was a bit bored of this but each to theirs. Parkour and mountain bike demos too for a bit of action!

I think I ate more calories than I burnt off but ho hum. There were far too many goodies to try and buy. We had the juiciest burgers and hot dogs from Rhosyn Farm Produce (sorry vegans but we love a good burger), ice-cream from I Am Subzero – 24 flavours we had to choose from! I think we narrowed it down to Salted Caramel, Mint choc chip, Vanilla, and bubblegum, hands down my fave was the salted caramel, the children loved the bubblegum. We had Nutella macarons, I’m not all that keen on these but it was nice to see the children trying them.

There really was so much more on offer that I would have looked like Augustus Gloop being rolled out of the park so instead we got take away. Chocolate chip Welsh cakes and a giant Malteser donut as big as a plate. Daddy was pleased with this having been left at home with his bad back (3 months now…aaarrrgh!).

The littles went on the fun fair which always surprises me how they have no fear! I remember being 10 and 13 and being the same, like a give no crap kinda attitude, but I look at those rides with a shite myself attitude now so it’s best I don’t go on them.

This event is on tomorrow too for those local to Pontypridd wanting a free day out, parking is free on a Sunday too. I parked at the Sardis Road carpark and it was only a 5 minute walk. So yeah, all in all a fab day out with the crazy bunch!!

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