Art as I child

I remember being good at art as a little one and into my teen years, not sure why but as I got older and with the level of work needed for GCSE, my interest dissolved almost completely…. until now. I find my little Daisy a lot like myself and it’s so good to see her take such an interest in something where your mind can take you anywhere, this in turn makes me reconnect.

The teen has also got a flare for art. I’ve seen her produce some decent pieces over the years, some really good for her age too but she’s not quite at the level as Daisy. Sounds so harsh as a mum saying that but it’s totally true.

I’ve been encouraging Daisy to research art, discover her strengths which is definitely drawing (I’ll show photos in this blog) and getting a feel for what H and B mean on a pencil. I felt this may help eliminate some of the frustration when she’s shading (I am no expert, please correct me if I’m talking crap) and it has helped.

Oh by the way H – Hardness, B – Blackness.

Daisy fully immersed herself into sketches over the last couple of days, teen had a go too, it was almost like they were bonding until “I HATE YOU” resonated throughout the house. Apparently one was picking on the other or something and was picking sides (ignoring it all).

So apart from drawing and minor arguments, we took daddy to hydrotherapy and watched for fish in the river at the hospital – such a calming thing to have in the grounds to just chill and lap up the sounds of running water over the rocky River bed. We had an afternoon nap….ALL OF US! This never happens and was lush.

So as mentioned have a look through Daisy’s art montage…bare in mind she is 9 years old and if anyone has any advice for her, let me know… she’s obsessed!

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