Pinch punch first of the month!

Happy 1st of August!!

We had an educational day today. A little walk to the Post Office and….. a mini road trip to get more art items from the shop and….. we researched why we say the phrase “Pinch punch first of the month” or in our house it tends to set off world war 23 and ends in disaster. Eldest goes crazy on the littles, littles don’t know when to stop pinch punching and us adults tend to have to break up the Mexican wrestling that unfolds. Anyone elses house or just ours?

We actually found some interesting facts though…

1) It’s said that in Old English times people used the pinch punching method as a way of weakening and ridding of witches. It was believed that salt made witches weak and therefore a pinch of salt would weaken the witch and the punch would rid…..Kobe being 4 wants to put salt outside.

2) There is a playground rule (wish I knew this when I was a kid)! You have to say “White rabbits, no return”. In our house we have “Slap, kick for being so quick” and “A punch in the eye for being so sly” hence the Mexican wrestling.

3) George Washington used to meet Native Americans on the first day of each month and provided fruit punch that had a pinch of salt…no need for salt in punch surely?

4) Saying “White rabbits” on the first day of the month. It must be the very first thing to be spoken on that day and the luck will come throughout the month.

We quite enjoyed this challenge today and all learnt something new…. I can confirm there was no blood shed from wrestling first thing.

Anyone know of anymore facts about this saying?

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