Popping up memories

Discussions happen in our house about the craziest of topics, especially when I show the kiddies a memory that’s popped up on Facebook. They mix one trip into another and the final result is as good as make believe. What we did find is that our memory from this day 2016, were quite accurate memories, a day out to Anne Hathaway’s cottage (William Shakespeare’s wife) in Stratford-upon-Avon (we were camping in the area).

I was quite blown away by the quaint rows of flowers and colourful potted plants as you arrive, seriously something I have never appreciated as much as this place and once you get to the larger gardens…well…that’s just another level. There’s flowers and plants I had never seen before but apparently are traditional British country cottage gardens – I felt a bit dull to be honest – but got over it and with the children we learnt a lot.

There are walkways to get lost amongst the lavender! Bee’s galore…I’m all for the bee’s!! Picnic areas a plenty. Myself and the older children had a favourite thing about our trip, the Sculptures. They were insane and some slightly hard to work out what was going on but this just made us stop and look for longer.

If you’re ever in the area, I’d highly recommend a visit, we as a family enjoyed every minute and got lost going back in time with trying to work out the Shakespearean riddles on one of the trails. Perfect that it coincides with the children just finishing up learning all about Shakespeare in school.

Share your days out memories with us, we may be able to venture to them in the future.

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