Farm shop and best pals visiting!

It’s midnight so I feel annoyed with myself for not getting this done earlier in the day, but, we did have our good friend uncle Rob visit from Switzerland so I reckon that’s a good excuse.

I loved today….positive from start to finish. Began with the ritual of padding like a momma bear to make a cuppa, get bombarded with demands from the baby bears, drink cuppa before I can function whilst fending off a million kids and then on to feeding the zoo!!

Ritual done….onto the adventure, only small but it was so sweet.

We went to our local farm shop! Again Daisy is so on it with grabbing our sturdy bags for life, it always impresses me how ingrained it is in her 9yr old head and I feel quite proud too.

I have no idea why but the vibrant colours of the fresh fruit and vegetables make me want to buy more and so I have to remind myself constantly that ‘We are only buying what we need’….easier said than done. The kiddies loved hand picking the items on our list, definitely got puppy dog eyed by Kobe to get extras that weren’t on there but it was just enjoyable watching their enthusiasm for home grown products.

We watched the chickens get fed which at first I panicked thinking it was Kobe throwing the produce from the trays, I just couldn’t see the man doing this not Kobe. I think I would have been mortified had that not been the case.

Our haul of organics and as little plastic as we could.

How excited they were to get back and show daddy all the things they/I bought. They now want to go every day (because obviously money grows on trees) and I spent a good while explaining to Kobe that we can’t because we don’t want to waste food, he strangely got it and hasn’t asked since….let’s see what the morning brings hey.

Had a fab evening with Craig’s best pal over for dinner, he’s home visiting family from Switzerland and it’s lovely for him to come and spend time with us and the kiddies. Lasagna cooked by Emily and myself, scones (we cheated), clotted cream and jam from the farm shop.

It’s become a late night but I don’t feel tired, maybe once I finish this I will.

Nos da xxx

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