Monday’s aren’t all that bad.

How my day started. The essential caffeine and a bowl of bright, colourful fruit! Felt so good after this and maybe it’s psychological but I feel this is a must to kick to start the day. I even treated the children by allowing them to dip theirs into a bowl of melted Nutella, daddy joined in too (man child).

I feel like I’ve been on full blown battle mode most of the day though and I’m sure I’m not the only parent to ever feel like a referee or a sergeant major. It’s been repetitive Monday!! Tidy up, turn my back, whirlwind happens (nobody’s done it, or so they say), tidy up, turn my back, whirlwind happens…annnnnd…you get the gist. I love how complete and utterly adamant 4yr old Kobe is that it wasn’t him even with me watching him, I can’t help but laugh (we try not to to his face anyway).

I’ve been online food shopping too….yawn!! I hate food shopping and change our meals up so often that I can’t just reorder the previous order, is this a mistake? Does anyone else just order the same shop every time. I need inspiration or I feel I’m going to go on strike.

So send me any suggestions you have including easy meals as I think I’m bored of my repertoire.

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