Sunday NOT a day of rest!

Early bird catches the worm or….creates a monstrous mess of paint pots, spilt paint, soggy paper and painted toast

6am I was woken out of my dreams (they were dreams I wish I could have every night) to squawking and screeching “Get off my hair!” “You started it poo head!” Pretty much my not what I want to hear first thing. This was all over how much milk should go in a bowl of cereal 🀦.

Anyway..we decided that there was only one thing for it…..CRAFTING! This calmed everyone down including myself as we painted and coloured while sipping on my cup of tea. Considering Kobe is only 4 he’s amazing at colouring and concentrates for hours. Daisy is 9 and is incredible (well I think so anyway) for her age with all things art.

After the mammoth efforts of cleaning up, we got dressed to go out for a walk to grab lunch stuff from the shop, Daisy making sure to grab our bags for life and me testing out my newest addition from Alyssa Smith Jewellery.

We decided this week that we’re going to start using our local farm shop, Daisy is very excited about this.

Oh and Raspberries in the eye makes baby cry and look a little like a baby cannibal.

Think he had a good time baby led feeding until that point.

Not only are we getting more clever with standing for longer periods of time, Theo managed to learn to climb onto the sofa, 9 month old pain in my butt. I’ve now found the perfect distraction, hands up who remembers this

What little didn’t love the good old Fisher Price garage. Theo is amazed by it….for now.

So from us to you on this peaceful Sunday evening (I’m going to watch the F1 highlights now).

Nos da

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