Reminiscing Saturday

Today we have been having a lazy day. Very needed at the minute to just switch off and reflect and talk about the places we’ve been, things we have done and lay down a bucket list of where we want to go. As a big family we totally get it’ll be, to put it honestly, a bloody nightmare sometimes and it has been in the past, but we always seem to make it work and get the most out of things. So here’s some of the places we’ve been…

Pen y fan Wales is a fabulous mountain with epic views even if you only make it a quarter of the way on one of the trails because let’s face it, kids like to dawdle, moan and stop constantly – oh and it was -6. We made the most of it by making snowmen and sledging for over an hour. Worth a visit and if you do…please take your litter home, we saw far too much of it.

The national diving centre in Chepstow. So much fun watching my nan and eldest daughter Emily doing a zip-wire. We had a family gathering watching and enjoyed a coffee from the café on-site. Next time we do an activity here we’re going to stay in the cute hobbit homes that are available.

Anyone ever braved going up the Spinnaker Tower? Views are just amazing over looking the naval ships and harbour. Not sure you’d want go and stand on the glass floor if you don’t like heights.

Newgale beach we seem to spend a lot of time at, but I think for us as a family that love the sand and sea air, also camping, there really is nowhere better.

Great walk up the hillside where you can lookout over the campsite and bay.

Glencoe in the snow at Christmas was possibly one of my favourite family adventures. I cooked Christmas dinner on a 2 ring hob and hid the presents under seats in the motorhome. We travelled a good bit of Scotland on this trip but as I said, Glencoe stood out. I truly recommend that anyone looking for something different as a get away, hire a motorhome!! The world is your oyster and it works, even with kids in tow, it really does work as an adventure holiday.

And finally for tonight…

Our accidental stumble across this absolute marvellous bit of history. The Vulcan bomber was just casually parked at an airfield near a beautiful campsite we stayed at. We couldn’t believe you could just walk up underneath and wander about, the children thought it was amazing. The things you find when you’re a nosy family like us.

So there we have it, a tiny fragment of our adventures from the past. We’ll touch on this again as we’ve decided to organise our photos properly. Bring on the challenge!!

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