We made it to an appointment on time!!

Up and at em this morning, before the damn birds I swear. Ended up pottering about the house in ninja stealth mode, actually tip-toeing about trying not to wake the beasts. Never wake sleeping babes!!

Full on morning of chores (boring) followed by our big family outing….to the hospital…..whoop bloody whoop.

Thank god for the helpful older ones though, I really would have been stuck if it weren’t for them. No nearby parking at the hospital entrance so had to pull into the drop off zone, chuck hubby out with Emily and Daisy, they retrieved a wheelchair and set off pushing daddy to his hydrotherapy appointment while I parked up with the boys.

Myself and the boys had a little stroll near the river that runs along the hospital grounds

fish watching on a bridge was like Christmas, the girls joined us for this. Walked back to pick Craig up with the girls so they could wheel him back out and wait for me to drive back as close as possible. Hydrotherapy was a tad bit useless and not exactly helpful but he’s going to keep going anyway.

Home for lunch

Theo LOVES fruit…like it’s the best thing ever!

Saved a 🐝

Played a game of ‘How to shit your parents up by falling asleep in a random place.’

That’s Kobe under there and I didn’t think he would be as I slightly moved it at the start of the search. Panic over though, I found him after 15 minutes.

Sammy had a buddy over this avo too, lots of Pokémon were collected!

Oh and to end my day my phone congratulates me on reaching 10000 steps, I had a two word reply for this while sipping a glass of wine.

Tomorrow we are going to be creating with shells and plant pots….all will be revealed.

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