Hottest ever July day UK

Has anyone else melted away today? I mean being a pale one that only ever tans off white or burns with factor 50 I was never going to cope. More than anything I felt for the kiddies so we all survived on ice lollies, water, fruit and any other thirst quenching thing we could find. Still I’d strangely take this over a grim, driving rain, gale force winds in February kinda day.

It’s been a day of basically just lolling about to find the nicest breeze about the house or garden. Could have been different with how the day began but I had a strong word with myself and reminded myself that there’s worse things. Was all set for a nice breaky in bed

Then this happened…

That is the jar (that hadn’t been touched) of homemade jam that the kiddies made yesterday 😭 I felt so bad. Literally just taken croissants out of the oven and then struggled to open the jar – note to self – wipe away excess drips from the sealed lid of the jar before it cools, jam turns to glue.

Daisy went swimming with nanny to Cardiff and we chilled, well as best as we could. Had some flowers and jam brought home by Daisy and nanny and chilled more until dinner time when the children made dinner (another tick off the 100 things to do this summer) and it was soooooo good

Really good effort and they tasted delicious. We even had dessert made for us…

And a surprise visitor to the table, this was a big deal as it’s been very rare for nearly 3 months.

Finners was my waiter for the evening

And then we chilled out more with cheeky chops who has slept a lot today and found a burst of life this evening until 10ish

Tomorrow we have hydrotherapy for daddy bear. The kiddies are most excited to have to push him in a wheelchair to his appointment, I feel arguments coming on with this.

Let’s see how that goes, but goodnight for now.

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