Water bombing!

How amazing was the lightning last night?! I was awake until 2am thinking that I needed to see it all, yeah, well done me, 4yr old crept in, baby woke up twice, up at 6…yawning hell!! But good show mother nature.

Food delivery day meant I was being organised super early, cleaning my fridge and arranging my freezer, sad but rewarding. Had the teen helping out too, and before midday, crazy what a good storm does, puts everyone out of sync.

Got very fed up of the bickering after lunch that I filled up 70 water balloons, created two teams and let them bombard each other…oh and then made them pick all the burst balloons up…he he.

Daisy and Sam made jam (another tick off the 100 things to do over the summer) and we’ll be baking scones tomorrow to go with our clotted cream too.

Never throw away slightly over fruit!

And then this evening after having a lush curry with all the trimmings, I found the love again of all things silhouette

had a lush play about in the garden with my camera. I’m going to do lots more of that over the holidays.

Tomorrow I’m 3 down and thinking of mowing my lawns, let’s see how hot it is first thing, question to myself tonight was…how early can I use the mower without pissing off the neighbours?….hmmmmm.

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