Will we have lightning?

Not sure if I’m going to get the rest I need any time soon but keep your fingers crossed for me.

It’s been a day of melting, I’m super rubbish in the heat (cancel all those non existent holidays abroad) I practically watched my skin dripping off me today. I don’t want to be rubbish in the heat though, I want to sun bathe and eat ice-cream watch the bee’s work and read a book but I can’t….I have children so the only thing I get is the ice-cream (if I’m lucky) and even then I have to share it with a 9 month old who thinks everything that touches my mouth must be for him too.

The excitement of today has been filling the paddling pool up and having it to myself for a short time…I mean this short time was all of 5 minutes but it was lovely. I did online food shopping this morning (whoop) and collected it, same day collection is genius. Had an extra little for the afternoon, great change of face for the littles to have instead of mine glaring at them constantly. Cooked salmon for dinner

and ate Daim cake, not homemade but it’s so delicious.

Tomorrow I think I’m going to introduce the kidders to coke floats, it’s on my list of 100 things to do before the summer is over and is mega nostalgic for me – my dad used to let us experiment with all sorts of pop – limeade, cherryade, dandelion and burdock…so I’m excited about it.

As in the title though I’m led in this sweaty pit of mine wondering if we’ll get the lightening we’ve been forecast. Sammy just asked if we do, can he have a cuppa tea with me like last time – this was 4 years ago, how cute is that.

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