Am I boring you yet?

I’m a wimp! But more on that at the end.

It was chore day today… yawn! I know, it’s not going to be exciting reading about chores so I won’t bother mentioning any individual ones that I completed, but let’s just say, I barely sat down.

The littles came home from nanny, full of beans (sugar maybe) and had a fantastic time. Cinema to see The Lion King Saturday, Sunday they took a train to Shrewsbury, taxi to a boat, boat down the Severn River and swimming at a leisure complex before train home….what an adventure!!

Meanwhile I had the biggest and smallest, one bored and one finding his voice – today we’ve started shouting for more food whilst throwing said food to the floor… yay!

Teenager cooked lasagne…big thumbs up and she’s available to hire – comes with minor attitude though I’m afraid

More chores the eve – bin night 😒 I hate bins, literally my least favourite job around the house and to top of my excitement doing this crappy job I thought I’d wash my bin. Completely forgot about the holes in the bottom leaking antibacterial cleaner all over my floor and slipped over in it

As I said at the beginning, I am a wimp 😂

Tomorrow is due to be hot so I have plans for a water bomb fight…. guarantee of tears but at least it’ll be fun for a short while hey.

Nos da x

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