Nanna naps and beers in the garden

Today has been all about the title on my part.

Oh and watching a 9month old exploring like babies should. He’s caked in soil, eaten grass, mud and daisies but I reckon that’s a good day in baby world.

He’s getting to grips with his limits too, we can now stand and let go! I love that the garden lets him gain confidence to do that. The birds have been fascinating in his world and rightly so! It makes me wonder what he thinks they are?

Sitting in the garden still, watching him learning is relaxing and hoping other people let their babies do the same because I think it’s important for little humans to have their mini adventure, I mean we get cabin fever as adults so it must be the same for them.

Dinner time is gone but we’ve had sneaky snacks so we had better get on with that, nothing exciting as I’m on strike ( day of rest being Sunday).

Any hints on how to keep a 9 month old occupied for longer than 5 minutes would be much appreciated. Chasing the football got boring and eating everything in sight too, also boring was me trying to take every single thing away because “it’s not food Theo!”.

Apart from a quick trip to the shops and a 2hr nap which was soooooo good and completely rare, that’s all I’ve done…lush!

Here’s a rose in the garden to finish today’s diary entry

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