3rd day…winning

I’m a bit tired today but that’s ok as it was all for a good cause.

My mam had a complete knee replacement on Tuesday and was discharged from hospital yesterday so naturally I wanted to go see her. Perfect timing really with only having the babba and the biggest one.

I should write a manual on how to wake a teenager, really I should have got a medal for this mornings efforts. I gently crept in – startling them doesn’t go too well – hushed tones with the ‘good morning’ and followed by “we’re going to help nanny today”, used the nanny card because she couldn’t grunt me away. This was at 8:30am on a Saturday, in the summer holidays….I know right!! I’ll have my glass of wine prize shortly. GO ME.

Anyway, we had a productive day and a really lovely family day. Can’t believe how quickly mam is walking about having just had a fake knee put in, kinda freaks me out. Watching her walk on it grosses me out, my mind makes me see inside the dressing, ergh! But she’s been fed (brother cooked a lush spag bol), watered, did some shopping, food cooked for later or tomorrow and a couple of chores done…team family! High 5!

Back home now to make my hubby some dinner – I didn’t starve him today, I made him a picnic before I left – and movie night again.

Day 3 done!

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