Summer holidays begin…eeek!

So, with the break up from school today I find myself thinking “where will we go and what will we be doing?”. I’ve normally got plans and for once I feel like we’re going to be taking it day by day (feeling uneasy about this).

As our friends and family know, Mr P has been stuck in bed with a herniated disk for 9 weeks now, which with a family of 8 (6 kiddies) has been a slog to say the least. So I’m taking a different approach to the summer and have set out a list of activities we can do from home, at relatives, maybe even venturing by myself with them all.

Days out will be far and few but I’m hoping to chuck a couple in there for my own sanity of not tidying the house repeatedly behind my tornado like family. I don’t think we’ll be making the annual Newgale summer break…waahhhhh! But then we did go at Easter which was super.

I guess this blog for the summer will be my diary. I know, boring, but tough. This is me time, vent time, de-stress time and maybe even somewhere to share ideas on how to spend family time with my poorly hubby.

For now…

Au revoir.

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