Somewhere we’ve been and somewhere we’re going


Our favourite place we’ve been to so far and in our opinion we’ve never seen such a truly stunning sunset – Newgale Sands, Pembrokeshire, Wales, 2015.

Do you ever, as a parent, get huge satisfaction when even your little ones stop…hold their little breaths and say…WOW!? Well I do, and this was a sunset that did this.

I genuinely believe that camping brings out the best in us as a family. We respect each other, our surroundings, our neighbours and nature. We switch off worries and enjoy. I guess it’s our preferred choice of holiday and we’ve tried all sorts so far, from caravan parks to luxury cottages and camping to hiring motorhomes in the peak of winter in the Highlands of Scotland.

So our first camping trip is already planned and it’ll be….you guessed it…Newgale. Sand, sea, fresh air, minimal campsite with everything we need, a pub if we the kids push us to it and good old gazing at the stars. Can you beat that? Well yes if that’s not YOUR perfect break but time and time again we go back so I think for now, it is ours.

L, C, E, S, D, F, K


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