Medieval festival and friends.

I wish there were words for the noises we were woken up to thus morning but there just aren't so I'll explain. Shrieking like cats fighting, slamming of doors, similar sounds to gun shots, wailing, grunting, stomping, objects hitting surfaces - like a war zone basically only it was 3 out of 6 children fighting.… Continue reading Medieval festival and friends.


Park fun and curry night.

Daddy let me stay in bed until 8:30 this morning. Lucky me! No sarcasm at all, I really did appreciate it. No cup of tea when he did wake me although with his bad back he would have spilt most of it fetching it to me, no win situation there. After breakfast I decide to… Continue reading Park fun and curry night.

Memories from this day 3 years ago.

We love our memories popping up on social media and this morning was great to see where we had been 3 years ago today. Stratford-upon-Avon butterfly farm big thumbs up from us and recommended highly to families in the area looking for a worth while day out. We went with the intention of escaping… Continue reading Memories from this day 3 years ago.